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Teeth Extractions in Delcambre

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Teeth extractions in Delcambre
Teeth extractions in Delcambre

During the course of your life, there may be a time when you need to have a tooth or several teeth extracted. When this is the case, you will want to go to a dentist whom you can trust to successfully perform this procedure. Many people who need teeth extractions in Delcambre have this procedure performed at the practice of Adrian M Simm, D.D.S., and are very satisfied with the care and results they receive.

At our practice, Dr. Simm and our entire staff work to provide superior dental care for all of our patients. Our practice specializes in restorative and cosmetic dentistry. Although Dr. Simm always strives to save teeth, there are times that it will benefit the patient to have teeth extractions in Delcambre. The reasons why you may need to have a tooth pulled are many and varied. One common reason that makes tooth extraction necessary is that a tooth may be just too badly damaged by trauma or decay to be repaired. Root canal therapy will not work and the tooth is just too damaged to be salvaged by application of a porcelain crown. In this situation it is necessary that the damaged tooth is completely removed from the mouth by Dr. Simm, and that the missing tooth situation is then corrected either by a dental implant, or dental bridge. Both of these solutions are effective ways to replace missing teeth. Dr. Simm can discuss with you which solution he feels would work best in your particular situation. Dr. Simm can not only extract teeth, but provide excellent solutions to then replace the missing tooth.

Teeth extractions in Delcambre may also be necessary when a mouth is too crowded with teeth. Teeth may become pushed out of place and ruin the natural alignment of the mouth. Other times, Dr. Simm may need to exact teeth in order to prepare the mouth for orthodontia work. Orthodontic work will be needed to correctly align the teeth. However, this work will not be able to be successful if there are too many teeth in your mouth, and no space to move the teeth into for proper alignment. Impacted wisdom teeth should also be removed. Finally if a tooth is infected, and cannot be salvaged by root canal therapy and the use of antibiotics, the tooth extraction may be needed to keep the infection from spreading. If you would like to meet with Dr. Simm regarding tooth extraction or other dental work, contact our office for an appointment. Dr. Simm wants all his patient’s to have a healthy and beautiful smile, and can make this happen for you as well.

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