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Dental implants in Lafayette

Lafayette dentist
Lafayette dentist

Restoring not only your naturally beautiful smile, but your ability to bite, chew and speak properly are just a few of the advantages of choosing dental implants to replace your missing teeth. Left untreated your surrounding teeth can shift out of place and your face may appear misshapen due to the lack of support from your missing tooth or teeth. The first step is to make a preliminary appointment for a consultation and examination in our office with Adrian M Simm, D.D.S., your Lafayette dentist for your cosmetic and restorative dentistry needs. Our personable and professional team can schedule your office visit as well as address any concerns you may have as a new patient including explain additional services and treatments we provide.

Once you arrive at our office, Adrian M Simm, D.D.S. will perform a preliminary examination to assess the overall health of your teeth and gums as well as determine your ability to benefit from dental implants. Most importantly, as your Lafayette dentist, Dr. Simm will encourage you to participate in an extensive and informative two-way discussion. You will be asked about your overall appearance and end result goals as well as your expectations. Once we have acquired enough information, and made decisions regarding the shape, size and color needed for your dental implants, Dr. Simm will be able to review the exact procedure involved.

As a general guide, dental implants consist of two basic parts; the root which is generally constructed of a titanium material and the visual tooth that is seen above the gum line. Following the completion of your dental implants by Lafayette dentist, Adrian M Simm, D.D.S., your home care routine and instructions will be reviewed. Patients are encouraged to continue a stringent oral regimen that includes twice daily brushing and flossing as well as regular dental examinations and professional cleanings in order to keep the surrounding teeth and gums healthy. Your new implants are strong, durable and able to perform all the same functions as natural teeth without the worry of tooth decay or need for dental fillings. We look forward to meeting with you soon to discuss your possible candidacy for dental implants.

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