Franklin emergency dentist

Franklin Emergency Dentist

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Dental Emergencies in Franklin

Franklin emergency dentist
Franklin emergency dentist

Typical dental emergencies include toothaches; dislodged, avulsed, or fractured teeth; broken or lost crowns; harm caused by biting your tongue; and more. At the office of Adrian M. Simm, D.D.S., we’re the place you want to go when you have an urgent matter; one that simply cannot wait until tomorrow or the day after. Our Franklin emergency dentist takes your situation seriously, and we will do everything possible to have you seen as quickly as we can.

By far, the most common type of emergency is a toothache, which can usually be traced back to a cavity, lost or loose filling, or chipped or cracked tooth. An infection may also be present, in which case a root canal will have to be performed to remedy the problem. Otherwise, the solution is a filling or crown. The worst case is the loss of the tooth to an extraction. Don’t try to tough out a toothache. It’s occurring to alert you to a problem, and it’s unlikely to just go away without treatment. Injury or accident may lead to a tooth being dislodged from its socket, avulsed (knocked completely free), or fractured. The clock is ticking from the very moment they happen, and saving your tooth is the goal of our Franklin emergency dentist. Call our office to let us know you’re on your way if at all possible, and also to get guidance about what to do in the meantime. Something as simple as putting an avulsed tooth in a container or milk or some warm water with a pinch of salt can make all the difference when it comes to the chances of keeping it viable.

Regardless of what the nature of your urgency is, know that you can depend on our Franklin emergency dentist. Keep our number programmed in your phone and call us immediately when you need help.

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