Cosmetic Dentist in Franklin

Cosmetic Dentist in Franklin

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Veneers in Franklin

It’s easier, simpler, and quicker than you probably ever imagined to improve the look of your smile even if you have chipped teeth, misshapen or crooked ones, discoloration, poorly sized teeth, or wide spaces between your teeth. Our cosmetic dentist in Franklin, Adrian M. Simm, D.D.S. is your source for veneers.

When you come in for a consultation and examination, you can get all your questions answered, and discuss the goals you have for how you want your teeth to look. It’s a reality that everyone would have great-looking teeth if they could make it happen. Veneers from our cosmetic dentist in Franklin accomplish that by covering up the flaws and imperfections that you’re dissatisfied with. They’re crafted out of porcelain, a strong and tooth-colored material that is also resistant to stains. Impressions taken at our office are used by the dental lab to make a set of veneers that fit your teeth. A veneer is a thin shell that looks so much like your natural teeth, you cannot tell the difference when the perfect shell is used to obscure the front view of the tooth it is placed over. From the time of your consultation to the time of the final bonding, it may take as few as three visits to our office. Ensuring that you end up with a natural appearance and that all your teeth look the same means filing off some natural tooth material. Your new veneers from our cosmetic dentist in Franklin last a long time, typically from 10 to 15 years, and possibly longer than that.

Your confidence will skyrocket once you have a more appealing smile. You’ll be surprised at how others react to you, also. It’s a change that will enhance your life. Don’t wait a second longer. Reach out to us and arrange an appointment to come in soon.

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